The Duel to the Death

This is the web page dedicated to the duel to the death between Tina Marie Schwarting and Michael Robert Vickery. The date was 4 PM Mountain Daylight Time on Saturday, September 5, 2015. Witnesses were treated to the sight of us trying to kill each other with live steel.

The location was at the Estes Park Marina Pavilion at 1770 Big Thompson Avenue Estes Park, CO 80517. Click the link for a satellite view!

At this idyllic spot with Estes Lake and the Rocky Mountains in the background, Tina and Michael appeared before invited guests to settle their differences once and for all. The weapons from Kult of Athena were high carbon steel blades suitable for combat. Tina favors the scimitar while Michael used the classic cutlass.

Tina's weapon Michael's weapon

We invited our audience to participate in the banter and insults during the duel, and prepared a small list of insults if you're not used to being deliberately impolite. Be warned, some are not safe for work.

This is how the event ultimately played out:

This event was catered by Noodles and Company and in the best Pastafarian tradition the main course was spaghetti with meatballs and Wisconsin macaroni and cheese with sides of cheesy garlic bread and a tossed green salad with balsamic vinaigrette on the side.

Gift registries were hosted through Target and Bed Bath & Beyond. The purchase of gifts for the survivors were neither expected nor required. Those gifts purchased were gratefully received. Loot is always welcomed by a pirate.

No formal attire was required or requested for this event. Witnesses were welcome to obtain appropriate pirate costumes at their discretion and looked good doing it. We arranged for a 15% group discount through The Wizard's Chest, and we can also recommend the Reinke Brothers both located in Denver. Now that the event is over all discounts are no longer available but these stores are still highly recommended.

It was an exciting day. Those who missed out are now regretting it!